>What is a Virtual Security Operations Center?

What is a Virtual Security Operations Center?

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In today’s world, every business has a target on its back. Whether you’re a small-, mid- or large-sized company, you can guarantee that hackers are targeting you. Due to the rapid rise of data breaches, which cost an average of $3.6 million at the global level, many businesses anticipate one, which is why they’re bolstering their offensive protections. How? With a virtual security operations center, also known as a V-SOC.

What is a V-SOC?

A frequent question of small- to mid-sized businesses — which are the target of more than 40 percent of today’s data breaches — is, “What is a virtual security operations center?” V-SOCs are a secure, web-based tool that serves as your company’s command and control center for your systems. With a V-SOC, your business can entrust a qualified team of experts to monitor your security around-the-clock and in real-time, alerting the appropriate staff so that they can prioritize and respond to threats with zero delay.

How do Virtual Security Operations Centers Work?

While the design of virtual security operations centers varies by provider, they share an identical goal — monitor your system and alert you to vulnerabilities. Many go beyond monitoring, however, dedicating their resources to also hunting for packet-level threats and vulnerabilities across your devices, networks and applications. V-SOCs generate easy-to-read reports as well, which can help your company assess its security stance. If your center detects a breach, you’re notified and connected with a security expert.

Why are Virtual Security Operations Centers Important?

For many businesses, virtual security centers are more than important — they’re a necessity. And there are several reasons behind this thinking, including the following facts:

  • V-SOCs are proactive: As companies are building their security defense, as well as offense, they require a tool that never sleeps. A virtual security operations center does just that, monitoring your systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because of their proactive approach, there is an increased likelihood of catching a breach sooner rather than later.
  • V-SOCs are cost-effective: While it’s feasible for larger companies to implement and maintain an in-house security operations center, it’s not an option for small- to mid-sized businesses, which are a go-to target for hackers. A V-SOC offers an affordable and cost-effective solution for these organizations — without sacrificing the quality of the security solution.
  • V-SOCs are skilled: Another drawback of an in-house security operations center is that it requires an in-house team. A virtual security operations center eliminates that need and instead provides you access to qualified cybersecurity specialists. By adopting a V-SOC, you’re getting access to the best and the brightest in the industry, which benefits your company’s security.
  • V-SOCs are compliant: No matter your organization’s size, compliance is a must. As well as monitoring your system’s security, V-SOCs also ensure you’re compliant with federal and state regulations. Preventing non-compliance offers several benefits, such as lowering your liability risk and the threat of action by governing organizations.

With their benefits and versatility, virtual security operations centers are becoming a critical component of security solutions. Contact BlackStratus for more information on these and other cybersecurity protections.

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