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Managed SIEM for Complete MSP Security

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Join the thousands of companies who trust BlackStratus with their security and compliance.

Security Solutions for MSPs and MSSPs

BlackStratus products have been engineered for managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service provers (MSSPs) from inception, especially our CYBERShark™ security solution. Built as a functional business solution, CYBERShark helps your business effortlessly take in disparate data from multiple sources and correlate this data across each of your clients’ data sets. The results? Improved customer satisfaction and control.

Achieve More with CYBERShark

Our newest product takes BlackStratus’ proven security platform to the next level. CYBERShark provides our white-label cybersecurity software in a cloud-based platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional compliance management solutions.

CYBERShark enables MSPs in particular to provide enterprise-level security, monitoring and protection to small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Easily detect and take care of malicious activity in our multi-tenant platform. MSPs will be able to offer their valued customers comprehensive security solutions at an affordable price with CYBERshark.

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SIEMStorm Solutions

SIEMStorm is the premier security solution from BlackStratus, designed for MSPs and MSSPs. With this single comprehensive MSP SIEM software, MSPs can visualize and mitigate threats across distributed networks. SIEMStorm offers the following features:

  • Compliant: SIEMStorm offers an advanced architecture that meets even the most complex compliance and risk management needs.
  • Visualization: The SIEMStorm system uses sophisticated metrics to visualize vulnerabilities and hidden threats, identifying suspicious behavior before attacks occur.
  • Reporting: SIEMStorm offers a variety of sophisticated reporting tools, appropriate for several compliance standards.

With these features, MSPs benefit from a scalable system that changes dynamically with business needs while simultaneously offering comprehensive controls. The system also integrates easily into existing networks and comes with a flexible pricing schedule to keep implementation and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Expand Functionality With LogStorm

On top of the functions and benefits of CYBERShark and SIEMStorm, MSPs can gain additional benefits from the LOGStorm™ system from BlackStratus. This log management and monitoring solution offers a powerful, yet cost-effective solution that builds on top of the CYBERShark and SIEMStorm systems as an incident reporting software. LOGStorm offers a full arsenal of tools, including:

  • Log Management: The centralized event log management and storage system incorporated into the LOGStorm software lets MSPs organize and store incident data. This system makes it easier to access incident logs and any associated records, cutting labor costs substantially.
  • Incident Summaries: In addition to raw logs, the LOGStorm system creates in-depth incident summaries for reference, including information about the incident, the systems affected, the users involved and the method of attack. These comprehensive summaries effectively reduce labor time for MSSPs following a breach.
  • Resolution Workflows: A built-in incident resolution workflow helps LOGStorm users easily track cases, and offers analytical recommendations for mitigation based on log data.
  • Security Reports: Using data from system logs and summaries, LOGStorm compiles information about incidents into security and compliance reports, which help in incident investigations. The LOGStorm system offers reporting packs for several regulatory agencies, including PCI, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA and ISO.

The LOGStorm system’s benefits don’t stop there. Easily installed and configured, LOGStorm immediately works into existing workflows with minimal labor so MSPs can implement the system immediately. The solution also offers integrations with more than 1,000 devices and methods to integrate with more. Best of all, LOGStorm is offered on a similar flexible pricing plan as the CYBERShark and SIEMStorm systems. In short, LOGStorm is the logical next step toward a comprehensive MSP software solution.

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