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Enterprise network security software helps track your security, alerting you to problems before they become disasters. Such proactive measures are essential to keeping your business secure, which is why they are offered by managed cloud security software like CYBERShark. No matter your industry, your business’s security is one of your highest priorities, whether the information you handle is related to finances, healthcare or national security. That’s why BlackStratus serves such a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Communications: Communications service providers (CSPs) operate some of the largest IT operations in the world and handle monumental amounts of personal and financial data. With so much essential data, enterprise threat-detection software is crucial for CSPs to operate.
  • Financial: Banks and insurance companies handle some of the most important information for both individuals and businesses. With so much information and so many technologies and regulatory entities to comply with, businesses working in the financial industry rely on top-tier security and network monitoring software to mitigate attacks.
  • Healthcare: In the transition to electronic medical records and the heightening of patient confidentiality laws, protecting patient data has become more important than ever for businesses working in the healthcare industry. To maintain patient trust and compliance with HIPAA regulations, healthcare providers turn to managed cloud security software.
  • Higher Education: Educational institutions tend to be prime targets for attacks, because of their open networks and the extensive amount of personal and financial information they hold on students. To protect their students, higher-education providers have to comply with PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA and HIPAA standards, among others. Maintaining these requirements is easier with managed cloud security software, especially those with comprehensive logging and reporting functions like CYBERShark from BlackStratus.
  • Public Sector: Federal, state and local government agencies handle huge amounts of secure intelligence and information about constituents. To keep this information safe from both internal and external threats, many government organizations employ flexible security monitoring software.
  • Aerospace: Intellectual property is a key component of the aerospace industry, and maintaining the security of that information is paramount. Many aerospace businesses use security-monitoring services to keep on top of their data and protect it from attackers.
  • Energy: Utility businesses store great amounts of information about customers, including utility usage and financial data. Keeping this information secure is a huge part of their daily operations, and many turn to managed security services.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing businesses tend to hold huge amounts of information about proprietary processes and customers, making data security a priority.
  • Retail: Retail businesses handle thousands of credit card transactions daily, making them goldmines for fraudsters. In response, many retailers employ a security monitoring system to mitigate attacks and keep reports on any suspicious activity so they can protect their customers and merchandise.
  • Nonprofits: Nonprofits face the same challenges as any other industry and handle just as much private information and data, so security must be a focal point.

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