5 Impacts a Data Breach Has on Your Business

In our connected world, business data breaches are becoming increasingly common and, consequently, increasingly costly. Companies have about a 28% chance of experiencing a data breach that exposes at least 10,000 customer records and results in fines, fees, security costs and lost business revenue. When customer data is compromised in a security breach, it costs the company even more than just financially — a data breach can damage your business’s reputation and ruin customer trust in your company.

Companies must understand the consequences of a data breach so they can take the necessary steps to mitigate their risk and protect their […]

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What Is the Difference Between a Security Incident and a Security Breach?

Your organization has most likely already encountered security incidents and will continue to face them moving forward. You may even have dealt with a data breach. While these two terms might seem similar on the surface, it’s critical that you make distinctions between them. How you classify these events will dictate how you respond to them, which has implications for your company’s security, compliance and reputation.

Let’s take a look at the difference between security incidents and security breaches as well as how to deal with these kinds of events.

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Data Protection for Businesses With Freelancers

Today’s employment landscape is dramatically different than it was even a few years ago, thanks in great part to the increasing popularity of freelancing. This form of employment offers immense freedom of choice and work-life balance for employees, and businesses that employ freelancers enjoy significant savings on benefits like paid time off, health insurance and retirement plans.

The popularity of freelancing has dramatically increased in the past few years, as research from Upwork indicates. Their Freelancing in America report from 2017 reveals some startling insights about the continued boom in freelance work, including these striking highlights:

  • Nearly half of all Millennials in […]
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10 Mistakes Businesses Make Before and After a Data Breach

Data breaches are rapidly becoming one of every organization’s biggest fears. As the importance of data security continues to grow, hackers are becoming more brazen and finding more creative ways to get their hands on valuable information. In January 2019 alone, an astonishing 1.76 billion records were compromised in data breaches all over the world. To make matters worse, the cost of ransomware attacks alone is expected to hit $11.5 billion in 2019.

In January 2019, over 1.76 Billion records were compromised in data breaches

Despite the immense financial and reputational damage companies incur as a […]

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How Much Control Over Data Do Your Customers Have?

Today, most consumers use online services like social media, streaming platforms and connected devices without thinking too much about how it’s funded. Many of these services are free to the user, at least in the traditional sense. Nothing is truly free, though, and most of the services that don’t require users to hand over any currency do require some form of payment. How do users pay for these services? With their data.

What is customer data, and how do businesses use it? The companies that provide these services collect data from their users, then sell that data or use it to […]

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What to Know About the Future of Cloud Computing and Data Security

What to Know About the Future of Cloud Computing and Data Security

Cloud computing and storage has been a hot topic in recent years, with cloud systems like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud becoming increasingly popular within enterprises. But what makes the cloud so popular among businesses?

By definition, cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote, internet-hosted servers to manage, process and store data. While it may not sound significant, cloud computing poses an enormous range of benefits to businesses. Not only can organizations of all sizes use […]

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