Our Partners Add Power to BlackStratus Solutions.

BlackStratus partners help our mutual customers to improve ROI and accelerate their success.

Your customers are under significant pressure to prove that their networks are secure and that they are meeting all of the requirements for their company and industry. You need scalable solutions with a proven track record of meeting the demands of these environments.

Beyond our superior SIEM technologies and service, our partners are an essential part of the BlackStratus business strategy. These partners understand our customers’ needs and add value to BlackStratus services and solutions by:

  • Maximizing return on investment in and accelerating time to value for BlackStratus’ technology.
  • Deploying or delivering security and compliance solutions as a part of a broader information security solution or portfolio of solutions.
  • Mitigating risk by integrating our products with client technology to ease deployment and ensure technical fit with existing infrastructure.

Solutions Built to Solve Your Customers’ Specific Security and Compliance Challenges.

By partnering with a diverse array of leading industry experts and offering superb technology and service, BlackStratus can provide flexible and scalable solutions that fit your customers’ evolving security and compliance requirements, whether they need to:

  • Address baseline compliance mandates with a cost-effective log management solution.
  • Protect critical, compliance-related data.
  • Gain enterprise-wide visibility with a comprehensive SIM solution.

Superior Solutions Plus Unparalleled Support.

When you choose to partner with BlackStratus, our Expert Services Team will support you and your customers every step of the way from evaluation and deployment to maintenance and signature updates. Our business model is built on the premise that we don’t profit until you do, so BlackStratus provides unparalleled support that will accelerate your success. We go out of our way to provide the hands-on sales support, programs, resources, and technical and compliance expertise that enable you to rapidly expand your security offerings, make existing offerings more compelling, and deliver high-value solutions to your customers.

As your experience grows, the Secure Alliance Program will provide a clear progressive path to accelerate your business with high-growth solutions and services.

To learn more about partnering with BlackStratus, e-mail partners@BlackStratus.com, call 1-732-393-6000 or Read Secure Alliance Partner Program Overview

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