Powerful and Profitable:
Solutions for MSPs

BlackStratus Makes It Simple to Extend
Your Security Services.

Client demand for local log storage as part of an enterprise network security management solution is growing rapidly due to increasingly complex regulations, corporate policies, and customer desire to have local control of event data. BlackStratus makes it simple to meet (and profit from) this demand.

With SIEM Storm™ for MSPs in your security operations center and BlackStratus LOG Storm™ appliances at your customer premises, you will have the power to create a hybrid-cloud security environment that meets your customers cloud-based log management needs. Our newest product, Compliance Storm, further refines these capabilities, offering an affordable, advanced solution for any MSP looking to enter the security-as-a-service market.

For Managed Service Providers, BlackStratus
Hybrid Cloud-CPE Delivers:

  • Managed logging-as-a-service solutions for enterprise protection.
  • Lower costs using our packaged and pre-configured cloud log management service.
  • Increased customer value with local, on-premise or cloud-based log aggregation, file retention and management.
  • Low-cost 'on-boarding' of customers to a greater security and/or compliance service.
  • An easily expandable platform for additional security and cloud compliance services.

SIEM Storm™: Flexibility, Visibility, and Total Control for MSPs.

BlackStratus’ SIEM Storm™ platform gives MSP security teams great flexibility in managing remote LOG Storm™ appliances. LOG Storm™ appliances are managed and configured centrally by SIEM Storm™, giving your team total control and clear visibility into the activities at each customer site. Our premier enterprise security intelligence managed service product, SIEM Storm™ includes a suite of cloud forensic tools, which offer:

  • An intuitive rules framework makes it easy to create and distribute rules locally or globally.
  • Using the industry's most comprehensive set of security management tools, operators can perform in–depth event log analysis, alerting, reporting, and incident remediation on all events across all remotely deployed LOG Storm™ units.
  • Local LOG Storm™ users have access to their log file research, management, and compliance reporting.

LOG Storm™ Appliances: What Your Clients Want,
Plus the Power You Need.

With LOG Storm™ appliances for enterprise network security and cloud logging management, operators can instantly identify and mitigate threats, system breaches, or policy violations anywhere across the network, or in your customers’ environments.

  • LOG Storm™ appliances are quick and easy to set up on physical segments or remote customer sites.
  • Each LOG Storm™ collects, signs, encrypts, and stores event logs from a broad array of security and network devices.
  • Important security events from these logs are forwarded to your central SIEM Storm™ platform where they are aggregated and enriched through an array of correlation technologies.
  • Once the data has been classified and prioritized, it is presented in a single-pane-of-glass view that your team can easily understand and proactively manage.

By integrating LOG Storm™ appliances into your enterprise security intelligence managed service platform you can:

  • Get end-to-end visibility for all security-related events across customer networks from your central SIEM Storm™ console.
  • Add an unlimited number of LOG Storm™ appliances tied to your central SIEM Storm™ platform.
  • Set up distributed or localized secure event logging to solve regulatory governance.
  • Control access to LOG Storm™ functionality, including the ability to add, monitor and report on logs at customer premises.
  • Selectively choose which LOG Storm™ devices forward events to SIEM Storm™.
  • Locally or globally search, manage and report on logs stored on any LOG Storm™ device.

Compliance Storm: Simplified Compliance and Reporting in the Cloud

New from BlackStratus is Compliance Storm, an easy-to-deploy solution for offering logging-as-a-service without a large investment in infrastructure upgrades. Boasting a sophisticated set of features designed for holistic security management, Compliance Storm gives you all the tools you need for:

  • Log management — Log reporting and data analysis can be fully automated with Compliance Storm. In less than an hour, the appliance can be set up across multiple platforms, giving you immediate visibility into your customers’ network activity.
  • Network forensics — With increased visibility comes an improved capacity to respond to threats as they develop. Compliance Storm includes tools to alert you when security incidents occur, filtering out false positives and leaving you with actionable intelligence that allows your team to respond appropriately.
  • Compliance auditing — Right out of the box, Compliance Storm makes passing a HIPAA, GLBA or other audit easier. The platform comes equipped with reporting templates for all major regulatory standards. All log data is also encrypted, compressed and signed at the point of collection, ensuring records can’t be tampered with.

To get started with Compliance Storm, LOG Storm™ or SIEM Storm™, contact BlackStratus today.