Your Customer’s Experience
Matters Most

Deliver Understandable, Real-time Security
Intelligence and Compliance Automation that Customers Need.

Selecting the right security management platform is key to establishing a proactive partnership for risk reduction, accountability and simplified compliance audit reporting.

Your customers are under tremendous pressure to ensure efficient IT security while dealing with increasing budget constraints and compliance mandates. While they seek to outsource select responsibilities to an MSP, customers still need to maintain clear visibility into their security investments and how they are performing over time.

BlackStratus’ SIEM Storm™ is the only single platform security and compliance audit software designed to allow MSPs to meet multi-tenant needs.

SIEM Storm™ was created to let MSPs handle the demands of many individual clients from a single dashboard. BlackStratus’ SIEM Storm™ solutions for MSPs help you to:

  • Quickly begin profiting from easy-to-implement service and customer-ready content.
  • Deliver the on-demand security intelligence and compliance automation solutions your customers are looking for.
  • Easily and cost-effectively manage security services.
  • Repeat the process across your customer base.
  • Provide customers with ongoing communications, reports, and advice on their enterprise security posture, helping you become their trusted advisor.
  • Improve customer retention due to a heightened level of customer service.
  • Up-sell other value-added services.

BlackStratus’ SIEM Storm™ Helps MSPs Deliver Unparalleled Security Benefits to Customers.

BlackStratus allows your customers to:

  • Protect their brand and critical data with unparalleled insight into threats.
  • Embrace cost-effective solutions for monitoring, alerting and incident response.
  • Easily add new services and scale them up and down as needed.
  • Address regulatory mandates through compliance automation and audit-ready reporting.
  • Gain clear visibility into their security posture at any point in time to determine network threats, source of threats, length of resolution time, asset risk, and gauge security product performance.
  • Have the peace-of-mind that accompanies their partnership with a respected authority on security and compliance.

Through an assortment of summaries and detailed reports, SIEM Storm™ leverages data from devices, applications, and databases, for the most granular cloud security reporting suite available today.

The following features give your customers the understandable, real-time security intelligence and compliance audit solutions they desire:

  • Comprehensive Report Suites and compliance automation software offer robust summary and detailed reporting and analytic tools for security, risk management, performance management, compliance, and operations.
  • Virtual Account Views give your customers real-time insight into their own security posture through a web-based portal. Reports and report portals can be branded with your customer's logo giving the look and feel that their data is running on a segregated dedicated SIEM platform.
  • Real-time Alerting informs your customer via SMS, email, or pager if malicious activity has occurred and details how the incident was resolved.

Our Newest Product, Compliance Storm, Raises the Bar for Endpoint Security

Designed specifically for MSPs wishing to offer security-as-a-service, the newly released Compliance Storm service is fully cloud-based, making it scalable and easy to deploy in any environment. Compliance Storm builds on the advances inaugurated by SIEM Storm™ and LOG Storm™, forming the third part of our advanced, modern security framework. With Compliance Storm, you can:

  • Achieve instant support for over 1000 network devices
  • Improve your overall security posture, thanks to automated log management that provides full visibility into events as they develop
  • Pinpoint the source of issues in customer databases, making it possible to respond faster and minimize loss
  • Simplify compliance management with built-in reporting tools that make passing a HIPAA, GLBA or other audit easy
  • Offer your customers value-added services such as trouble ticket alerting, remediation strategizing and security automation

Best of all, because Compliance Storm is cloud-based, there is no need to invest in expensive infrastructure upgrades to take advantage of any of these benefits.

MSPs today require affordable, powerful solutions for analyzing and managing the onslaught of data their customers generate. Compliance Storm is just one way we’re making it easy to grow your business and manage risk at the same time. Contact BlackStratus today to discuss the ways we can help you offer top-of-the-line security to your customers (and improve your bottom line).