We’re the Masters of Building MSP Security Services.

Improve your bottom line by offering top-of-the-line cloud security.

There’s no question that providing cloud security is a major growth opportunity for MSPs. More and more, businesses are turning to MSSPs to handle the complexities of security and compliance. By partnering with BlackStratus to add security to your service portfolio, you can attract these businesses and make them your customers.

BlackStratus specializes in helping MSSPs to add this powerful new profit center to their business and drive growth. We strive to make the process simple as we help you to overcome the major challenges involved in building a security offering, such as:

  • Finding the right technology. MSPs have unique needs. There is no shortage of appliance vendors who will tell you that runing an MSP is as easy as putting an appliance on your customer's premises. However, that model simply does not scale. BlackStratus offers security technology that is purpose-built for MSPs. Our SIEM Storm™ system was designed to allow you to handle all the security demands of a multi-tenant environment – from a single, powerful but easy-to-use platform.
  • Ensuring reliability. With SLAs for uptime hovering around 99.99%, you need to deliver consistent services that proactively predict and prevent threats against your customer's brand and valuable assets. BlackStratus security and compliance technologies have been time-tested by leading MSPs throughout the world.
  • Managing costs. Until recently, the investment required to implement such a solution was significant, making entry into the security services market cost prohibitive. However, BlackStratus offers realistic business models that give you the ability to rapidly and profitably deliver marketable security services without making large up-front capital investments. When you implement BlackStratus security solutions, you only pay for those services that you use when you use them.
  • Ensuring timely profitability. Given the intricacies of providing security services, if you went at it alone, it could take years for your security offering to become profitable. That’s why so many MSPs have turned to BlackStratus.

Overcome These Challenges with BlackStratus.

For more than a decade, BlackStratus has helped MSPs to build their security services – so we understand your needs and we’ve got the process down to a science. We offer realistic business models that give you the ability to rapidly and profitably deliver marketable security services without making too many costly up-front investments.

Our business model is such that we don’t profit until you do. Our success depends on your success, so we’ll make sure you have all the tools and processes in place to achieve service efficiency, create compelling new security offerings, and easily on-board customers. 

How do we do it?

As we help you to grow your business, we’ll provide innumerable services and solutions to ensure your cloud security offering quickly becomes profitable and efficient. Some of the major elements of our process that contribute to your success include:

  • Our phased approach. Years of experience in building security services for MSPs has proved to us that the key to success is a phased, step-by-step approach. BlackStratus partners with you to build a strong foundation of event monitoring. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll help you expand your line of services with more sophisticated security offerings. This ensures your infrastructure, team, and operational processes will effectively scale along with any additional service offerings.
  • Superb technology. Our cloud-ready security management platform, SIEM Storm™, is respected worldwide for its scalability, flexibility, and reliability in high-volume, multi-tenant environments.
    SIEM Storm™ enables the delivery of superior security managed services via:
    • Real-time, single-pane-of-glass view.
    • End-to-end visibility across all your customer networks.
    • Enabling the rapid delivery of on-demand security services.
    • Operational monitoring and compliance-enabled services.
    • All at a cost that almost any sized client can afford.
  • Outstanding service. To clear your path to success, all BlackStratus modules include on-site design and implementation services as well as hands-on training for your entire team.

For more detailed information on how BlackStratus can help you to quickly and affordably build your security services business: