A Cloud Security Platform Designed Specifically for MSPs

Get an edge. Offer BlackStratus security services.

The competition among MSPs is fierce. To win, you need to offer unique and affordable solutions that outperform your competitors. Adding security will give your services portfolio more muscle and give your customers the added benefits of brand protection, data integrity, and regulatory compliance.

But finding a managed cloud security provider that meets the unique demands of MSPs can be challenging. To minimize risk (and exorbitant expense), you need a cloud security service platform with the most sophisticated technology and a repeatable process for handling multi-tenant environments. You need BlackStratus.

Leading MSPs Choose BlackStratus.

BlackStratus earned its reputation as the cloud security platform of choice because our technology, expertise, and best practices have been time-tested for more than a decade with leading MSPs throughout the world. Industry leaders choose BlackStratus because:

  • Our proven methods and powerful security management platform allow you to efficiently grow a profitable security-as-a-service business.
  • Our managed cloud security services are far easier to implement, maintain, and manage than systems that cost far more and deliver less. BlackStratus solutions are better, more affordable, and more operationally efficient than our competitors’.
  • BlackStratus SIEM solutions are purpose-built to allow MSPs to handle multi-tenant needs in a single platform.
  • We provide customer-ready content that you can immediately monetize, such as alerts and reports.
  • Go at your own speed. Go from a base offering to a sophisticated offering with no incremental cost increase. The BlackStratus business model is such that we don’t profit until you do. Our success is entirely dependent on your success, so BlackStratus provides you with unparalleled support. Consider us your experienced and knowledgeable business partner that is just as committed to establishing your security-as-a-service business as you are.

BlackStratus makes it simple and affordable to get started.

BlackStratus has worked with small and large MSPs to develop and power their security service offerings. We understand the unique challenges you face in growing your cloud security business. The BlackStratus approach to building a security-as-a-service portfolio makes it easy to get started:

  • You can begin with a baseline monitoring solution and add new features and more sophisticated services as you grow and expand your customer base.
  • Our unique subscription pricing models enables you to pay-as-you-go and increasingly build new streams of recurring revenue.
  • We've already mastered the processes and best practices for the cloud security service providers, helping to accelerate your success.

The SIEM Storm™ Edge: Purpose-Built Solutions
Designed for MSPs.

BlackStratus is the MSP’s preferred choice of managed cloud security provider, and SIEM Storm™ is the leading centralized security management platform. SIEM Storm™ offers:

  • Power and scalability. Handle high volume, multi-tenant security for all your customers – in a single platform.
  • Patented intelligent correlation technology & the industry's fastest event processing. This means your team will have the tools to quickly detect, respond to, and resolve the most sophisticated threats.

Powering your services with SIEM Storm™ technology
means that you can:

Cloud Security Compliance Just Got Easier

With our newest product offering, Compliance Storm, BlackStratus now offers MSPs a powerful, easy-to-use tool for endpoint compliance reporting. Using it, your customers can access a suite of industry-leading digital security applications designed to improve their overall IT posture and simplify the audit process. As the foundation of your security-as-a-service platform, Compliance Storm offers:

  • Log management — Compliance Storm automates log management to provide real-time visibility into log databases, so your team can respond to events as they happen.
  • Network forensics — Simplified access to critical log information means it’s easier to identify security issues, filter out false positives, and develop an appropriate response strategy that minimizes risk and loss.
  • Automated reporting — Right out of the box, Compliance Storm provides templates for meeting the reporting requirements of HIPAA, NERC, PCI-DSS and all other major regulatory standards.

Compliance Storm also creates upsell opportunities by allowing you to offer customers important value-added services such as trouble ticket reporting, remediation strategizing and other security automation processes. As a cloud-based solution, Compliance Storm can be implemented without a costly investment in new infrastructure or physical appliances, making it perfect for growing MSPs that need to quickly and reliably adapt to changing security needs.

From centralized information management to endpoint compliance reporting, BlackStratus understands the MSP industry and we make it simple to offer security services and grow your business. 

For more detailed information on how BlackStratus can help you to quickly and affordably build your security services business: