Go Deeper With BlackStratus SIEM Appliances

BlackStratus' log aggregation software gives you an inside look at your network security.

A busy network or security device can register thousands of events every second — any of which can hold the key to detecting the next security threat or attack against your system. To get the most meaningful security data possible, SIEM appliances not only need to monitor and log each device, they also need to aggregate logged data into an easy-to-read format that highlights potential security breaches with clarity and precision. 

BlackStratus SIEM Storm™ and Log Storm™ combine powerful log aggregation software with a suite of advanced features that make threat monitoring, detection and mitigation simple. Easy-to-use with an intuitive GUI and fully scalable to grow with your network, our products give you an in-depth, real-time look at your security.

Vigilant SIM Appliances With Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

SIEM Storm™ and Log Storm™ monitor and aggregate activity on all your databases, applications and devices. From hardware security devices to critical applications, our SIEM appliances integrate seamlessly with your existing network architecture at all levels. We provide support for firewalls, servers, operating systems and more, by leading manufacturers such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft SQL Server and Symantec.

Threat Detection Made Easy

Because of the complexity of most network systems, it takes more than just event monitoring to identify potential security threats. BlackStratus appliances have several tools for logging aggregation and threat detection that identify attack patterns and anomalous events, filtering out false positives and giving you only meaningful security information:

  • Multi-dimensional correlation: SIEM Storm™ uses a four-tiered approach to threat detection, identifying and prioritizing incidences using rules-based, vulnerability, statistical and historical correlations, ensuring you're presented only with actionable intelligence that allows you to respond to threats quickly.
  • Best-practice incident resolution management: SIEM Storm™ incorporates the SANS Six-Step Incident Response Process — a recognized industry best practice for incident resolution — directly into its workflow. This provides a repeatable process with measureable outcomes that can be duplicated any time a threat arises.
  • Log management: BlackStratus' LOG Storm™ appliance offers a simple yet powerful solution for log aggregation and management. LOG Storm™ offers correlated incident identification, centralized logging and storage, compliance reporting and more in an easy-to-use package that gives you an intimate look at your network, database and application security in real-time.

Power, Flexibility, Simplicity, Affordability: BlackStratus Products Do It All

SIEM Storm™ and LOG Storm™ represent a comprehensive approach to network security that gives you all the tools you need to identify and respond to threats quickly. Combining the best elements of a SIM device and a powerful log aggregator service, BlackStratus products are designed to fit your needs and budget.

For more information about BlackStratus SIEM Storm™ and LOG Storm™ appliances, contact our team today.