Detect Threats Before
They Cause Harm.

BlackStratus provides environment-specific information for greater security control.

The most challenging task any security expert faces is identifying threats and eliminating them as soon as possible. But botnets, worms, malware, and hackers are constantly evolving. How can your security team stay on top of this constantly shifting battlefield?

The first line of defense is understandable, actionable security intelligence and an automated means of collecting, analyzing and prioritizing threat data.

BlackStratus’ SP Detect proactively monitors your networks for global threats and all types of malicious activity – so your team can take action before any real damage occurs.

The BlackStratus Difference: Correlation.

BlackStratus offers features that make the difference between generic and specific protection. Unlike other technologies that merely take in live feeds, BlackStratus’ multidimensional correlation enhances data on known and evolving threats with data specific to your environment and automatically enriches it to make it even more relevant to your users.

Black Stratus’ SP Detect puts your team in
control of threats as it:

  • Provides clear visibility into emerging threats and zero-day attacks even if no attack signature or published exploit yet exists.
  • Tracks intruders from dynamic global threat profiling sources to defend against known threats and alerts not only to inbound threats, but also on suspicious outbound activity. Botnets or malicious code propagating from your network can be stamped out immediately.
  • Delivers the right information to the right person for the fastest results.
  • Optimizes operations with effective filters that reduce false positives.

To learn more about how environment-specific threat detection can help you protect your valuable data and assets, contact BlackStratus today.