Trust the Industry Leader to Achieve Security and Compliance.

BlackStratus Offers Effective Solutions for Any
Budget or Business Size.

Today’s businesses are under a lot of pressure. You need a deeper understanding of your security status than ever before. Protecting critical data and assets is getting tougher as attacks and breaches are becoming increasingly subtle and sophisticated and compliance requirements are becoming more complex.

  • But how can you know how secure you really are?
  • Do you have the tools to mitigate threats if they arise?
  • Are you equipped to assess and prove your compliance status at any time?

Today's intensifying security challenges demand that you have the capabilities to:

  • See and understand the true threats and prevent them from impacting your business.
  • Document and demonstrate compliance with corporate and regulatory mandates.

The inventor & industry leader of Security Information Management (SIM) technology.

To meet your security and compliance demands, you need to partner with a trusted industry expert that will analyze your security logging and monitoring needs to provide a proven, automated SIM appliance that is right for you.

For more than a decade, security professionals around the globe have relied on BlackStratus to provide all the essential elements of an effective SIM strategy, including:

  • Ongoing data collection from a broad array of network and security devices.
  • Powerful data capabilities to normalize, aggregate, and correlate diverse security data.
  • Complete visibility into security related activities, so you always know your security and compliance posture.
  • Real-time identification of threats and patterns of suspicious activity.
  • Rapid, best-practice response guidance for security incidents.
  • Tools and reports to effectively meet your compliance requirements.
  • Scalable architectures that ensure a low cost of ownership as you grow.

Giving You Quality, Meaningful Data

Our event log monitoring applications constantly take in information about your network security and present it to you in a format you can understand. Using unique algorithms that link related events, our products identify threatening patterns and filter out false positives, leaving you with a clear picture of your security status.

Event Logging for Regulatory Compliance

Our enterprise clients include small, medium and large businesses in the financial and healthcare sectors, as well as other organizations with unique security needs mandated by state and federal regulation. Our event log monitoring software packages come fully equipped to monitor compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, NERC FERC, FISMA compliance and more.

Save yourself and your IT team the hassle of worrying about regulatory and ISO compliance with out-of-the-box security logging and monitoring SIEM solutions from the BlackStratus family of products. Simple to set up with an intuitive user interface, you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

BlackStratus SIM Solutions: Designed to fit your needs, environment, and budget.

At BlackStratus, we take pride in offering a variety of event log monitoring software products to help ensure security and compliance in organizations of any size, such as:

  • LOG Storm™ This powerful yet affordable family of appliances combines both SIM and log management all on one easy-to-deploy and simple-to-use appliance.
  • SIEM Storm™ The industry's most powerful and scalable SIM solution delivers real-time security intelligence to large enterprises, MSPs, and government agencies.