Easy and Affordable Security Compliance Management.

BlackStratus provides expert compliance solutions for organizations of all industries and sizes.

Anyone involved in an organization’s security knows that meeting federal, state, and industry regulations is an extremely complex goal. And the stakes are high – failure to meet security compliance standards can result in huge financial losses through fines, notification costs, and damaged reputations.

Some companies choose to implement multiple complex and costly security systems in an attempt to create an end-to-end approach. But there’s a much easier and more affordable security compliance management solution: BlackStratus’ LOG Storm™.

Complete security compliance for peace of mind.

If your customers operate in industries such as finance, healthcare, or anything else that routinely handles sensitive personal data, meeting federal regulations and internal standards for privacy and protection is of the highest priority. LOG Storm™ is full-featured, flexible security management appliance that ensures the best level of protection and monitoring of valuable data, in full compliance with HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, NERC FERC and other regulatory standards.

Easily and affordably implement security compliance best practices.

Meeting your current and future security, compliance, and business needs demands a proven, comprehensive approach to security (not to mention one that will fit into your budget). The LOG Storm™ and SIEM Storm™ families of appliances allow you to do this easily, seamlessly, and for a fraction of the cost of other IT security compliance solutions.

Purpose-built security and compliance solutions for both large and small organizations.

With LOG Storm™, you can implement log management as a baseline solution, and add security information management (SIM) that includes the necessary real-time threat identification, prioritization, and remediation capabilities you need. For larger organizations with distributed environments, BlackStratus SIEM Storm™ delivers the industry’s most robust and scalable SIM solution with an array of regulation-specific capabilities.

Trust BlackStratus to ensure compliance.

With our industry best practices and years of security compliance management leadership, BlackStratus SIEM solutions can help you meet your compliance obligations and, in the process, ensure that you maintain the highest level of security intelligence. BlackStratus solutions can help you meet day-to-day regulatory requirements, including:

  • Validating that controls are in place and how well they are working.
  • Automatically collecting all types of event data across the network.
  • Storing event logs for easy access to complete, secure audit trails.
  • Providing a centralized view of security and compliance posture.
  • Enabling rapid threat identification, remediation, and reporting.
  • Alerting you to policy and compliance violations.
  • Correlating volumes of diverse events to prioritize the true threats.
  • Documenting incidents with full, detailed, auditable records.
  • Providing out-of-the-box and customizable compliance reporting.

BlackStratus gives you the tools you need to ensure an intelligent, simplified approach to the sweeping challenge of security compliance management for:

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