Know Where You Stand (Security-Wise)

BlackStratus Analytics & Reporting features
provide critical insight into your security and
compliance posture.

The right analytics and reporting tools are vitally important for developing a real-time picture of your overall security health and compliance posture. Collecting raw security data is integral, but the right analytics and security incident reporting software can transform that data into actionable intelligence that makes the difference in ensuring your organization is adequately protected and compliant.

Incident Diagram

BlackStratus’ robust SIEM Storm™ analytics and reporting incorporates real-time and historical data for a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s security at any time. Through an assortment of powerful yet streamlined tools, SIEM Storm™ enables you to leverage data from devices, applications, and databases for the most full-featured security and compliance reporting suite available today, including:

Rich, Flexible Security Event Log Reporting Solutions

  • Measures everything from risk exposure to compliance, and custom reports allow users to generate tailored information.
  • Provides role-based dashboards for the specific information needs of analysts, operators, and executives.
  • Gives users the tools and capabilities they need to easily analyze and report on security, log, and application data for security policy and compliance monitoring.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

  • Includes a standard suite of operational and executive reports that address key compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, CIP compliance and GLBA.
  • Provides a prioritized view of threats against compliance asset groups through operational reports.
  • Shows overall security posture, vulnerability, and incident management trends through executive reports and dashboards.

Role-based Reporting

  • Offers an array of pre-packaged report templates for analysts, operators, and executives for the rapid and granular assessment and mitigation of all possible risks.

Policy Compliance Reporting

  • Denies vulnerable machines access to the network until appropriate patches and updates have taken place, when implemented as part of an integrated policy compliance directive.

Powerful Analytics with Integrated Charting

  • Allows users to easily manipulate security data and view it intuitively using multiple dimensions of data in a familiar pivot table format.
  • Enables analysis of events based on specific criteria to identify anomalous incidents.

Comprehensive Database Monitoring

  • Ensures that users can report on all the database monitoring information—whether or not they are security-related.

Detailed MSSP Views and Reporting

  • Provides important capabilities for managed security service providers (MSSP), ensuring the maintenance of secure and compliant operations.
  • Empowers MSSPs to manage security risks with comprehensive views of risk exposure and policy compliance posture.

Flexible Event Log Analysis Software

SIEM Storm™ offers a powerful, flexible security event log reporting solution for enterprise clients of any size. The application gives you the ability to correlate and produce comprehensive reports on distributed networks of any complexity. Get an instant snapshot of your network security right out of the box with SIEM Storm™.

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