LOG Storm Virtual SIEM Appliance

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The ideal introduction to the BlackStratus family of SIEM products, LOG Storm™ combines power and flexibility in an easy-to-use package that can be set up and ready to go in less than 20 minutes.

A managed logging appliance is critical to getting a complete picture of your network security. Your network devices and applications - including firewalls, operating systems and intrusion detection systems - process thousands of events every second. Any one of them can contain information that will help prevent a future attack or security breach. With a free download of LOG Storm, you'll gain unique insight into your network activity with powerful logging and analytics that give you actionable intelligence about potential threats and other aberrations.

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Get the Fastest EPS Performance on the Market!

A security information and event management application is only as good as the amount of information it can process in real-time. The LOG Storm virtual SIEM appliance from BlackStratus gives you the fastest events per second (EPS) logging available today, so you can identify threats - including zero-day attacks - as they occur.

Fast EPS performance is also critical to maintaining compliance with ISO 9002 standards as well as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and other federal regulations for online security. Your data will stay safe, you'll be protected from liability, and you'll be ready for surprise audits whenever they occur.

A SIEM Solution That Benefits Your Bottom Line

With your free download of BlackStratus LOG Storm virtual SIEM appliance, you'll not only get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is secure from threats, you'll also gain access to an advanced suite of features that can positively affect your bottom line. Intelligent analysis of logged data means false positives are filtered out with accuracy - your security team can spend more time on real threats and less time responding to false alarms. And when threats do occur, an easy-to-read drill-down format gives your team answers to the questions they need to know so they can respond effectively: how the attack happened and which users and systems were involved.

Get Your Free Download Today

Ready to take the next step with your network security? A free license for the LOG Storm virtual SIEM appliance is just a few clicks away. See how easy and intuitive it can be to get a comprehensive picture of your network activity.

If you've experienced our free SIEM solution and want to expand your security capabilities, contact our team today about a no-risk 14-day trial of the LOG Storm hardware platform of your choice - for a low quarterly or annual subscription you'll get access to the full range of advanced SIEM capabilities, as well as our award-winning customer service and support.

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