Power, Simplicity, and Support: Why Leading MSPs Offer BlackStratus SIEM Solutions

Whether you’re new to the cloud security business or looking to improve your current offering, BlackStratus provides superior solutions designed specifically for MSPs.

Over our decade of work with the world’s leading MSPs, we’ve developed a phased growth process that makes it simple (and affordable) to expand your services. BlackStratus’ powerfully scalable SIEM Storm platform is the only available technology purpose-built for a multi-tenant environment.

Get real-time reporting and event correlation with our SIEM products for enterprise customers. Our virtual appliances are designed to filter out false positives and other meaningless data, leaving MSPs with an accurate picture of the threats to their customers' network security. Tracking and monitoring network events is simple with our user-friendly graphic interface and advanced reporting tools.

Affordable SIEM Solutions for World-class MSPs

We are proud to offer a unique pricing structure that makes it affordable to implement advanced SIEM technologies on a budget. With our products, you only pay for the features you need, and we don't profit until you do!

Our SIEM Storm™ and LOG Storm™ appliances offer world-renowned protection to numerous and diverse organizations. We can even help with ISO and industry-specific regulatory compliance. Contact us today and become one of the thousands of leading MSPs who trust BlackStratus for unprecedented support as they expand and improve their cloud services to develop a competitive edge.

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Security Posture
    • Differentiate false positives from real threats
    • Tracks intruders from dynamic global threat profiling sources
    • Detects inbound threats and suspicious outbound activity
    • Rule-Based, Historical, Vulnerability and Statistical Correlation enhances data on known and evolving threats with data specific to your environment
    • Automatic environment enrichment techniques increase efficacy of attack detection
    • Real-time threat identification ensures rapid response
    • Global threat dashboards give insight as to your organization's defense posture
    • Clear visibility into APT's, Emerging Threats and Zero-Day Attacks


    • Persistent monitoring reduces the risk of intentional or accidental asset access
    • Infrastructure weakness detection ensures malicious activity is unsuccessful
    • Vulnerability scan integration identifies security vulnerabilities in real-time
    • Correlative attack detection prioritizes vulnerabilities based on vectors to resources
    • Improves overall security by following recommended mitigation actions
    • Reduces time and resources needed for a clear, current threat outlook
    • Identifies business-critical assets to qualify and prioritize risk
    • Identify and confirm attacks through dashboard and Incident Response Management


    • Decreases the time and resources needed to maintain compliance
    • Continuous monitoring and alerting improves effectiveness of compliance mandates
    • Achieves and maintains compliance with real-time detection of policy violations
    • Contains and remedies policy violations with close loop triggering workflow
    • Stores event logs for easy access to complete, secure audit trails
    • Provides a centralized view of security, threats against assets, and general compliance posture
    • Documents incidents with full, detailed auditable records
    • Provides out-of-the-box and customizable compliance reporting


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  • tmobile
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